Trapshooting long break awards are presented annually at the Trap Hall of Fame Dinner The awards are in the form of a plaque and are for the longest breaks attained in each of the three events for the previous calendar year. The events are 15 Metres, 25 Metres and Double Rise.



Membership – The recipient must be an Australian citizen and a registered ACTA member at the time of each individual break and at the receipt of the award.

Eligible Events – Each break can be achieved in any event conducted in Australia or internationally provided that the Shoot Program detailing the relevant event was advertised in advance in the National magazine of the governing body.

Event Rules – The break must be attained in events conducted under ACTA Trap Rules or rules considered by the ACTA to be a sufficiently close facsimile thereof.

Validity – To be considered eligible, each individual break must conform to the criteria of ACTA Rule 4.23 regardless of what country the break was achieved in.

Substantiation – The onus is on the individual to provide satisfactory evidence to the ACTA of each individual break achievement and is not on the ACTA to disprove any claim made by an individual. Satisfactory evidence would normally be in writing and would include a copy of the Shoot Program and the Shoot results. If the Shoot results do not substantiate the claim, then a letter from the Shoot secretary detailing the break and enclosing a copy of the relevant score sheets would suffice.

Recording – The ACTA shall keep a updated list on the website of those shooters who have proven that they currently hold the longest break in each event.

Download long break application form here.

Current Standings 2017

15 Metre

25 Metre Handicap

Double Rise

Ben Woodhouse



Shot at Golden Crow

Shot at

Shot at



Previous Long Break Winners


15 Metre

25 Metre

Double Rise


Matthew Schiller 907 - NSW Trap Carnival

Andrew Brady 146 - Trap Nationals Matthew Patmore 283 - American Grand


 James Willett 1053 - NSW Trap Carnnival  Darryn Nicholls 82 - Trap Nationals Mat Patmore 154 - Grand American


Darryn Nicholls 1553 - Trap Nationals

Sox Pilipasidis 110 - Trap Nationals

Dan Power 123 - Gouldburn CTC


Robert Thompson 904 - Trap Nationals

Gerard Hose 112 - Noorat Gun Club

Bill Iles - Grand American


Glen Hayden 890 - Trap Nationals

Sox Pilipasidis 96 - Tasmanian Trap Carnival

John Maxwell 73


Tony Arvanitakis 935 - Trap Nationals

David Fox 146 - Collie CTC

Matthew Patmore 148 - Grand American


Terry Walls 609

Tom Turner 100

 Craig Fitzgerald 106


Arty Del-Ben 913

Arty Del-Ben 85

Ross Walsh 216


Ross Walsh 743

Arthur Turner 74 - Wagga Gun Club

Ross Walsh 120 - Cobar Gun Club

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13th World DTL 2018

The ACTA are proud to be hosting the 13th World DTL Championships following the 2018 ACTA National Trap Championships. 

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All information including nominations forms, accommodation and firearms importation forms will become available on the ICTSF and ACTA websites.