What is the ACTA Academy all about?

The ACTA Junior Coaching Program fosters junior development through involvement with Club coaching clinics, Zone, State and National Coaching camps and Coach Development and accreditation.
The ACTA Academy is a key component of the ACTA Junior Coaching Program. The ACTA Academy is aimed at providing a structured program for approximately 12-15 elite juniors to enhance their shooting skills, educate them in various key aspects of being an elite athlete and provide 1 on 1 coaching, monitoring and mentoring so that they can be well on their way to achieving their goals.
The ACTA Academy is a structured program that is coordinated by the ACTA National Coaching Director (NCD), and will utilise expertise from the Shooting Australia clay target coach and other guest coaches and specialists. The Program will tie in with various high performance Academies and Institutes.
The ACTA Academy will have group elements but will also be tailored to the needs of the individual. Each athlete will develop in conjunction with the NCD and their own coach or mentor a specific training program for them.
The structured ACTA Academy program will cover: technical skill enhancement, use of training technologies, equipment testing & checks, musculoskeletal testing, strength and conditioning, sports psychology, nutrition, time management, dealing with the media, sponsorship, drugs in sport awareness, goal setting etc.
The athletes will be asked to attend specific ACTA Academy camps, the National and State Camps for their Discipline, the ISSF Youth Nationals along with other specific International, National and State competitions.
There is funding available for the ACTA Academy for attendance at targeted camps and competitions.
There will be 1 on 1 coaching with the NCD and guest coaches along with regular updates and monitoring from the NDC. Personal coaches will be invited to some camps and will be offered opportunities to further develop their own coaching skills and qualifications. A mentoring program for athletes and their coaches will be established.


What benefits are there for me to be part of the ACTA Academy?

The ACTA Academy athletes will have access to some of the very best coaching available, will be assisted in developing an individual training program to further their development, be educated in key aspects of becoming an elite athlete, have access to sports psychology and musculoskeletal testing and strength and conditioning. There will also be funding provided for targeted camps and competitions.


I already have a coach and a program – why should I be involved?

Hopefully your coach and yourself can see the benefits in gaining further knowledge and receiving positive input into your program and reinforcing key points. There is also the benefits of funding for targeted camps and competitions. It has been proven that athletes who are introduced to academies and programs at the beginning of their sporting careers are more likely to fully utilise and gain advantage from elite academies further into their career.


What if I am not selected for the ACTA Academy - will I get coaching from the ACTA at all?

The ACTA and the NCD are committed to making coaching available for all junior shooters at varying skill levels through coaching from local Club coaching clinics, to Zone, State and National Camps. The information that you provide in your application will allow the NCD to better plan and prepare for your inclusion at these camps and clinics. The NCD will also provide feedback to your application on aspects of your shooting that you may need to improve on or gain more experience in and the NCD will also provide you with options and suggestions for going about doing this. 


What will be in the ACTA Academy athlete agreement?

The ACTA Academy Athlete Agreement will be forwarded to those athletes selected for the ACTA Academy. The number of athletes selected may be up to 15 however there may be less than 12 selected.  
The ACTA Academy athlete agreement will outline some key behaviours and commitments that the ACTA and NCD expect of you. The Agreement is two way and the NCD will also outline and agree to their commitment towards you.


When will the first ACTA Academy camp be?

The ACTA Academy athletes will be asked to participate in a three day camp at Cecil Park CTC in February or March where goal setting, pre-shot routine and planning will be the focus along with technical and mental shooting skills.  


Suzy Balogh

National Coaching Director – National Coach
Australian Clay Target Association