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Duties of a Rules Supervisor (Rule 4.21) 2011 Revised Version

(a) A maximum of two suitable qualified persons appointed by the relevant State Association until such time as they may elect to resign or alternatively are replaced by their State Association. Rules Supervisors should be selected from experienced Referee Examiners.

(b) To examine applicants theoretically and practically for the position of ACTA Trap, Skeet and Sporting Referee Examiner and to advise the ACTA office when the applicant is successful. ISSF appointed Rules Supervisors to examine applicants theoretically and practically for the position of ACTA, ISSF Referee Examiner and to advise the ACTA when the applicant is successful. Maximum of one (1) ISSF Referee Examiner per State to be appointed.

(c) To demand a degree of ability, before authorising new Referee Examiners, that will ensure a high standard of refereeing. Prior to the applicant attaining the status of a Referee Examiner, an applicant must have completed a three (3) year term as an official ACTA Referee.

(d) To observe the actions of existing Referee Examiners and Referees and to discuss any problems concerning their duties.

(e) To investigate the written complaint of any Club Management or Referee Examiner concerning the ability of existing Referees adn to report to the appropriate State Association when action is considered necessary, with full facts so that the State Association concerned may recommend the action to be taken.

(f) To investigate the written complaint of any Club Management concerning the ability of any Referee Examiner and to report the facts to the appropriate State Association concerned, so that the State ASsociatin concerned may recommend the action to be taken.

(g) To arrange or require the re-examination of any Referee Examiner or Referee. (When investigating complaints concerning Referee Examiners and Referees, every effort should be made to correct the complaint by re-examination or re-training in preference to suspension).

(h) To control the number of Referee Examiners so that:
     (i)  Referee applicants cannot shop around for an easy examiner.
     (ii) The principle of common interpretation is maintained (the more examiners the more chance of interpretation becoming loose).

(i) A Rules Supervisor should not generally carry out Referee examinations but may do so if requested or if there is no Referee Examiner in the area.

(j) To make himself available when convenient to attend rules discussions when requested by clubs.

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13th World DTL 2018

The ACTA are proud to be hosting the 13th World DTL Championships following the 2018 ACTA National Trap Championships. 

The 2018 ACTA National Trap Championships will be held from the 17th to 24th March 2018. The 13th World DTL Championships will be held from the 25th March to 27th March 2018.

All information including nominations forms, accommodation and firearms importation forms will become available on the ICTSF and ACTA websites.