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Trap Interstate Teams Match



1980 Queensland R.Dean, W.Stevens, Doug Smith, Greg Stevens, Oliver Bryant 122/125 Perth
1981 Western Australia Tim Catling, J.Eddy, R.McDonald, Darrell Wiese, Wayne Pilkington 123/125 Melbourne
1982 Victoria Graham Willett, Graeme Boyd, William Iles, Jim Shepherd, R.McKenzie 124/125 Brisbane
1983 New South Wales Warren Charlton, Adrian Hayes, Kevin Perkins, R.Smith, J.Smith 124/125 South Australia
1984 Queensland Doug Smith, J.Porter, K.Stevens, G.Fett, Greg Stevens 125/125 Wagga Wagga
1985 South Australia T.Reschke, D.Oliviero, B.Thomas, Craig Bentley, Dennis Lymn 121/125 Perth
1986 Queensland G.Haig, W.Scarborough, B.Pearce, R.Fett, A.Zappala 120/125 Echuca
1987 New South Wales ArthurTurner, R.Ellison, Richard Piotrowski, S.Papasidero, P.Pontello 124/125 Brisbane
1988 Western Australia L.Coster, G.O'Brien, A.Hocking, A.Washenko, Roy Holtfreter 123/125 Wagga Wagga
1989 South Australia P.Green, J.Johannson, B.Johnson, Craig.Bentley, Dennis Lymn 122/125 Echuca
1990 Tasmania Sperry Marshall, John Murphy, M.Burling, R.Swan, S.Browning 124/125 Tasmania
1991 New South Wales Kevin Perkins, Bob Takoor, Glenn Kable, Vince Gatt, Tony Alvaro 122/125 Perth
1992 Northern Territory Phil Grove, Ken Selwood, Greg Chan, Colin Havers, Brett Hale 125/125 Wagga Wagga
1993 Northern Territory Greg Chan, Peter Hoare, Tony Brown, Brett Hall, Phil Grove 125/125 South Australia
1994 Queensland Doug Smith, Neil Berry, Dennis McIntosh, Gary Redmond, Greg Stevens 125/125 Brisbane
1995 New South Wales Grant Thatcher, Mark McInnes, Glenn Kable, Ian Merrick, Craig Weaver 124/125 Melbourne
1996 Victoria Joe Attard, Russell Mark, Roger Duthie, Robert Viney, Nathan Cassells 124/125 Tasmania
1997 Western Australia Tim Catling, Gary Kelly, Matthew Shipp, David Fox, Tim McBride 124/125 Wagga Wagga
1998 South Australia Craig Bentley, Max Medhurst, Andrew Bornholm, Alan Vilcins, Brian Thomas 124/125 Perth
1999 Victoria Brad Henshall, Glen Hayden, Stephen Atkins, Roger Duthie, Bryan Wallden 125/125 Roma
2000 Victoria Greg Hipwell, Tim Knight, David Flavel, Glen Hayden, Brett Ford 125/125 National Ground
2001 New South Wales Glen Sinclair, Glen Castellaro, Robert Thompson, Gary Rootes, Arthur Turner 125/125 National Ground
2002 Victoria Russell Mark, Arthur Crawford, Stephen Atkins, Luca Scribani-Rossi, Roger Duthie 124/125 National Ground
2003 South Australia Eric Hall, Dino Oliviero, Gavin Height, Kelvyn Prescott, Max Medhurst 124/125 National Ground
2004 New South Wales James Vardanega, Arty Del-Ben, Glen Castellaro, Arthur Turner, Peter Fitzalan 125/125 National Ground
2005 Queensland Ray Collinson, John Maxwell, Bruce Powell, Kevin Jarick, Gary Wright  125/125 Perth
2006 New South Wales Tony O'Leary, Arty Del-Ben, Tony Barton, Arthur Turner, Robert Thompson 125/125 National Ground
2007 South Australia Craig Bentley, Jeffrey Higgins, Don Beelitz, Peter Hendy, Dennis Halikiopoulos 124/125 National Ground
2008 New South Wales Greg Coleman, Glen Castellaro, Robert Thompson, Brian Kniepp, Rodney Wright 149/150 National Ground
2009 Victoria Jamie Elliot, Craig Fitzgerald, Robert Viney, Marc Crimmins, Terry Walls 125/125 Roma
2010 South Australia Craig Bentley, Allan Jones, Robert Clark, Matthew Stokes, Deserie Baynes 125/125 National Ground
2011 Victoria Robert Viney, Roger Duthie, Glen Hayden, Nathan McDonnell, Brett Ford 123/125 National Ground
2012 South Australia Craig Bentley, Max Medhurst, Greg Kessegian, Kym Firth, Luke Higgins 124/125 National Ground
2013 New South Wales Tony Arvanitakis, Bryan Manns, Barry Skinner, Robert Thompson, Ross Walsh 125/125 Perth
2014 Western Australia Josh Fleay, Luke Smith, Terry Maloney, Neil McWhirter, Jason Oliveri 124/125 National Ground
2015 Western Australia Tony Burnard, Josh Fleay, Lars Bager, Greg Fleay, Alan Featherstone 125/125 National Ground
2016 South Australia Craig Bentley, Vince Bone, Michael Veenstra, Darryn Nicholls, Robert Clark 125/125 National Ground
2017 Victoria James Hayden, Kade Robertson, Phil Grainger, Stephen Atkins, Cameron Browne 124/125 National Ground


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