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Trap Nationals 2013

W_DB A grd 123

W_DB AA 123

W_DB B grd 1st

W_DB C grd2nd OA

W_DB Jnr 123


W_DB Lad 2nd OA


W_DB OA w Greg Chan 1

W_DB Sub Jnr 123

W_DB Sub Jnr OA

W_DB Vets 123

W_DB Vets w Tim Cattling

W_Double Barrel OA

W_DR A grd

W_DR AA grd_B2EE

W_DR B grd

W_DR C grd

W_DR Jnr 123

W_DR Jnr OA Adrian C

W_DR Ladies OA

W_DR Ladies

W_DR OA Greg Chan 2

W_DR OA Reed Muirson

W_DR Sub Jnr 123

W_DR Sub Jnr OA


W_DR Vets 123


W_DD OA winners

W_DD winners sponsor

W_DD Winners

W_Family DD 3rd

W_Family DD winners

W_Family DD OA winners

W_Allan Brown Team HayTeam 2 only

W_Allan Brown Team Noorat

W_Glenn Cup Team NZ

W_Glenn Gup Aust Team

W_Ch of Ch A grd

W_Ch of Ch AA grd

W_Ch of Ch B grd

W_Ch of Ch C grd

W_Ch of Ch Jrn OA

W_Ch of Ch Jun 123

W_Ch of Ch Ladies13

W_Ch of Ch Ladies OA

W_Ch of Ch OA 1

W_Ch of Ch OA Winchester rep

W_Ch of Ch OA

W_Ch of Ch Sub Jrn 123

W_Ch of Ch Sub Jrn OA

W_Ch of Ch Vet OA

W_Ch of Ch Vets 13

W_Hcap 2nd 4th

W_Hcap 25m shooter

W_Hcap win greg Chan 1

W_Hcap win perp trophy

W_SB A grd 2nd OA

W_SB AA grd 2nd OA

W_SB B grd 2nd_2E9D

W_SB C grd 123

W_SB Junior 123

W_SB Junior OA

W_SB Ladies 123

W_SB Ladies OA

W_SB OA w Cup

W_SB OA w Geoff Gary Gun Cup

W_SB OA w Greg Chan

W_SB Sub Jnr 123

W_SB Sub Jnr OA

W_SB Vets 2nd OA

W_SB Vets OA

W_Mac Juniors 2013

W_Mac Ladies 2013

W_Mac Open Team 2013

W_Mac Veterans Team 2013

W_All Aust Team_ 2 missing_3113

W__George Barton Ash Bolwell Geoff Aston Brian Man

W_A Grade HG Kate Schiller RN

W_Atwood Cup_ James Willett AC

W_Womens HG Amanda Holt W RT RN

W_Max Medhurst 5_68C9

W_Mac Overall HG Geoff Aston w Fil Petriella

W_Mac Ladies HG Kate Schiller Fil Petriella

W_OA HG Darryn Nicholls 3 trophies

W_Junior HG w Bill Iles

W_A Grade HG Kate Schiller RN-1

W_Vet HG Geoff Faulkes w RN RT

W_Vet Aggregate winner w Horton cup

W_OA HG Darryn Nicholls w _0AE4

W_Sb Junior HG Mitchel Iles W RT RN

W_Mac Junior HG w Fil Petriella

W_Mac Vet HG w Brian Manns Fil Petriella

W_PS A grd 2nd 3rd

W_PS AA grd 123

W_PS B grd 123

W_PS C grd 2nd 1st

W_PS Jnr 123

W_PS Junior OA

W_PS Lad 123


W_PS OA w Barry Kable

W_PS Sub Jnr 123

W_PS Sub Jnr Oa

W_PS Vets 123

W_PS Vets OA

W_PS WA pres Gavin Prowse w OA win

W_All Teams at opening

W_Opening Piper


W_Opening NSW

W_Opening NT

W_Opening QLD

W_Opening SA

W_Opening Tas

W_Opening Vic

W_Opening WA

NSW Junior Team

NSW Ladies Team

NSW Open Team

NSW Open Winning Team

NSW Veteran Team

NT Ladies Team

NT Open Team

NT Teams

NT Veteran Team

NT Veteran winning Team

QLD Best Dressed Team

QLD Junior Team

QLD Ladies Team

QLD Open Team

QLD Teams

QLD Veteran Team

SA Junior Team

SA Ladies Team

SA Open Team

SA Teams

Tas Junior Team

Tas Ladies Team

Tas Open Team

Tas Teams

Tas Veteran Team

Vic Junior Team

VIC Junior winning Team

Vic Ladies winning Team

Vic Ladies Team

Vic Open Team

Vic Teams

Vic Veteran Team

WA Junior Team

WA Ladies Team

WA Open Team

WA Teams

WA Veteran Team

January 2021 CTSN

On the cover: Eric Parletta, 2020 SA Men's ISSF Champion

Inside this month's edition

ACTA Report
2020 South Australian ISSF Titles
Remembrance Cup and Mules Family Memorial
What’s Happening in the VCTA
Port Augusta Birthday Shoot
Coaching News
Waratah News
Break Badges
Psychological Skills for Shooting
Competition Results: VIC, SA, NSW, QLD, TAS, WA
From Our Archives
ACTA State Rules Supervisors
ACTA State Handicappers
ACTA New Members
Shoot Calendar
2021 Registration and Club Membership Application

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