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Ground Development

2017-08-29 09.13.42_preview

2017-08-18 11.12.29_preview

2017-08-18 11.12.54_preview

2017-10-03 09.22.00_preview

2017-10-03 09.22.22_preview

2017-10-19 13.35.44_preview

2017-10-19 13.35.56_preview

2017-10-30 08.14.18_preview

2017-10-30 08.14.29_preview

2017-10-30 08.17.41_preview

2017-10-30 08.18.47_preview

2017-10-30 08.18.50_preview

2017-10-30 08.19.51_preview

2017-10-31 09.17.34_preview

Back walls set-out_preview


Set-up of panels_preview

Tilt panels - Toilets_preview

1st bay 8 to go_preview

2017-11-28 16.41.24_preview

2017-11-29 15.34.21_preview

2017-11-29 15.37.26_preview

Bathrooms east end_preview

on site structural steel_preview

2017-11-29 15.35.49_preview

November 2020 CTSN

WACTA Trap Carnival High Guns Champions Jacob, David and Sandra

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ACTA Report
Coaching News
Fathers’ Day at Port Macquarie
Wilkawatt Anniversary Shoot
Western Australian State Carnival
What’s Happening in the VCTA
Rule Clarification
Waratah News
South Australian Road to Recovery
ACTA State Handicappers
Psychological Skills for Shooting
Competition Results: For all states
1954 Australian Clay Target Championships
25 Metre Shooters
From Our Archives
ACTA State Rules Supervisors
Break Badges
ACTA New Members
Shoot Calendar
2021 Registration and Club Membership Application

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