The ladies Taipan Shield event came to life back in 1974 and was introduced by Elva Churches who passed away in February 2015 at the age of 95 years.

Elva and Sid Churches were the proprietors of Taipan Gunshop at Edwardstown in South Australia. The shop operated from 1967-1980 and was the storefront of the Taipan Projectiles Manufacturing plant, established in 1946.

Elva was a very keen clay target shooter, becoming involved from around 1970. She continued to shoot competitively up to about 1990 and then socially up to 2005 at age 85. Elva first joined the South Australian Gun Club as well as Mallala, Alexandria, Southern and International, being a life member at many. She was the state handicapper for SA for many years during the 1970's.

After competing in a car shoot at Griffith NSW around 1972 where there were a couple of other woman competitors, Elva came up with the idea of a postal shoot for woman. She reaslised there were many woman that wanted to shoot clay targets, but didn't necessarily want to learn clay target shooting shoulder to shoulder with men. Postal shoots are not a new idea and Elva through her pistol shooting years 1948-1972 had competed in a few over that time and knew how they were run. However in the world of Clay Target Shooting, a postal shoot for women was new, and she was told by more than a few blokes "that won't work". She had a can do attitude which annoyed more than a few blokes over the years.

Thus the Taipan Shield was born and the first event held in 1974 and is still going today.


Information provided by Barry Churches


Taipan Shield Results

Year Winning Team    State       Score
  2017   Melbourne Gun Club   VIC 1    73/75
  2016   Frankston Clay Target Club   VIC    74/75
  2015   Colac Gun Club   VIC    72/75
  2014   Colac Gun Club   VIC    72/75
  2013   No Contest    
  2012   Spring Bay Clay Target Club   TAS   118/125
  2011   Morwell Gun Club   VIC   116/125
  2010   Morwell Gun Club   VIC   117/125
  2009   Spring Bay Clay Target Club   TAS   117/125
  2008   Tumut Gun Club   NSW   120/125
  2007   No Contest    
  2006   Spring Bay Clay Target Club   TAS   120/125
  2005   No Contest    
  2004   Werribee Gun Club   VIC   122/125
  2003   Werribee Gun Club   VIC   119/125
  2002   Majura Park Gun Club   NSW   118/125
  2001   Majura Park Gun Club   NSW   115/125
  2000   Burdekin Gun Club   QLD   115/125
  1999   Majura Park Gun Club   NSW   115/125
  1998   Majura Park Gun Club   NSW   114/125
  1997   Cressy Gun Club   TAS   116/125
  1996   Majura Park Gun Club   NSW   117/125
  1995   Majura Park Gun Club   NSW   121/125
  1994   Cressy Gun Club   TAS    95/100
  1993   Cressy Gun Club   TAS    96/100
  1992   Cressy Gun Club   TAS    94/100
  1991   Boort Gun Club   VIC    97/100
  1990   Cressy Gun Club   TAS    95/100
  1989   Kerang Gun Club   VIC    96/100
  1988   Kerang Gun Club   VIC    90/100
  1987   Kerang Gun Club   VIC    94/100
  1986   Kerang Gun Club   VIC    96/100
  1985   No Contest    
  1984   Cressy Gun Club   TAS     96/100
  1983   Werribee Gun Club   VIC    92/100
  1982   Cressy Gun Club   TAS    90/100
  1981   Jeparit Gun Club   VIC    93/100
  1980   Jeparit Gun Club   VIC    85/100
  1979   Jeparit Gun Club   VIC    91/100
  1978   Jeparit Gun Club   VIC    89/100
  1977   Metropolitan Gun Club   VIC    82/100
  1976   Royal Aero Gun Club    NSW    72/100
  1975   Royal Aero Gun Club    NSW    78/100
  1974   Royal Aero Gun Club    NSW    88/100