Welcome to the Australian Clay Target Association information page on starting a new club.

Some Information on the Australian Clay Target Association
The peak national bodies of sports, which are called National Sporting Organisations (NSO), regulate most competitive sport in Australia. NSO are recognised by the Federal Government through its Australian Sports Commission (ASC). The ASC provides support to NSO, including some funding, research and documentary assisatance, access to programs at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), and the development and support of coaching schemes.

State and Territory governments provide additional support to State/Territory Associations and sporting clubs, including funding for officials, grants, access to State/Territory Institiutes of Sport and attendance at or assistance with courses for officials, players and coaches.

ACTA Incorporated
The sport of clay target shooting (trap and skeet, including Olympic Disciplines) in Australia is the Australian Clay Target Association.

ACTA is a body incorporated under the Victorian Associations Incorporations Act 1981. The members of the ACTA are the State and Territory Associations (NSW covers the ACT). The locally based clay target shooting clubs elect office bearers of their State and Territory Associations.


Firstly you will require a recommendation from your zone and then your state. If you contact your State administrator they will be able to put you in contact with the zone. A letter will need to be sent to the ACTA from the State recommending your affiliation and we will then commence affiliation with the ACTA. There is an annual affiliation fee.

If you have not yet contacted the Firearms Registry in your state regarding regulations we recommend you start with them. To visit the Firearms Registry website in your respective State; see the links below in red:

New South Wales

Northern Territory 


South Australia



Western Australia

A separate application form is required for a club if they wish to acquire guns for use by club members. Application is to be made by the club secretary or a nominated club member as the licence holder.

Firearms Safety Training Instuctor Approval

This will allow persons, on behalf of an approved club, association or organization, to conduct firearms safety training for longarms in accordance with an approved firearms safety training course. Applicants must hold a current (longarm) firearms licence and have held it for a minimum of three years.

Form P644 - application for firearms safety training instructor (longarms).

Form P650 - unlicenced applicants authorized to possess and use a firearm whilst participating in an approved firearms safety training course.

We are able to supply layouts/plans for trap and skeet including skeet and trap house dimensions. The current ACTA Rules are available online. We stock all necessary books to maintain your club, which are available on our website as a Club Admin user. We can help with the structure of your club and legal requirements.

Any further enquiries please contact the Australian Clay Target Association on 02 6938 2121.