How can I renew my membership online?
You will first need to have an email and phone contact registered in the ACTA database. You can do this by contacting your club and have them update your details or by contacting the ACTA. You will need to be a renewing member as new members will need to go through a club for the first year.
You can then go to and type in your member number (this will be known as your User ID) and hit forgotten password. You will be sent your password in an email and then go and log into your MY PAGE. Once you have access to your MY PAGE, you can change your password through Access and also renew your membership online through the calendar, marked with the 8 on it.


Can I shoot in competition if I haven't received my Handicap Book?

Yes, you can as long as you can produce a receipt that says you have paid your fees in full and that you are a member that is registered as either a full member, partner member, veteran member or junior member. These all will allow you to shoot competition at any club. New start will allow you to shoot competition at your home club only.


I haven't received my sticker and I paid my membership fees to my club.
Contact your club secretary to follow up on the processing of your membership, that it has been sent to the ACTA. Have the secretary contact the ACTA if sent to us.

Who can I talk to about becoming a member?
Contact the secretary of your local club. For details visit our Find a Club page by clicking here.

Can I join the ACTA without joining a club?
No, you cannot join the ACTA as we are not a club. You are required to join an affiliated club under our constitution.


When are my fees due?
Your membership fees are due each year by December 31. Your membership is for a calendar year only. You can start renewing your fees November 1st each year.

What is the minimum age to become a member?
There is no minimum age requirement to become a member, however to become a registered shooter you will need to check with your state firearms registry for the age limit as each state varies in Australia.

I want to join a different club, but not sure how to go about changing.
If you want to change your membership from one club to another, you need to get a release letter from your current club and an acceptance letter from the club you want to join and send them to memberships at the ACTA for processing. Or you could wait until the new membership year and join the club you want to be a member of.

I need to change my address.
This can be done on your mypage You can also contact your club secretary or the ACTA National Office.

I need a new sticker or handicap book.
Contact your club secretary and inform them you require a new book or sticker and they will send us the required form with your details. This will be posted to the club secretary.

Do I have to join a club in my state?
No, you can join any club in any state of your choice. If you are selected for a state team, you will represent the state that you are a member in.

How do you start up a new club?
You will need to apply to the zone in your state which you can find out which zone you belong in by contacting the state association. You will need to meet the firearms regulations in your state and once the zone is satisfied you meet all requirements, they will then recommend you to the state to become affiliated with the state and the state in turn will recommend your affiliation to the ACTA in writing. You must be an incorporated club.

Clay Target Shooting News (CTSN)
Where do I send our club ad's to?
Send them via email to or contact Maureen for further details on 02 6938 2121.


I have not received my ctsn.
Contact the ACTA during business hours.

I do not want the ctsn any more.
Contact the ACTA during business hours.

As a junior, am I entitled to a magazine?
No, as part of the junior membership you will not receive a magazine but if you are the only member at your address, you need to inform your club so they can inform the ACTA and have a magazine sent to you.


Are my family and friends covered by insurance if anything should happen.
Yes. They are all covered under our Public Liability insurance.

Where can I get a copy of the insurance (certificate of currency) from?
You can download the certificate from our website Click here to view our Insurance documents.

Will I be covered by insurance if I am not a member?
Yes, you will be covered if you are a visitor to an affiliated ACTA ground. If you come and try clay target shooting and you do not have a license you will need to sign the club visitors book and depending on the state, be required to complete a form as a firearm requirement. This will cover you for insurance. All visitors, volunteers and members will be covered by insurance.

I nominated for an event online but I did not receive any confirmation.
If you did not receive an immediate response via email that your online nomination has been received, it most likely has not and you will need to contact the ACTA office.


Do I need to have a firearms license to become a member of a club?
No, you do not. But if you want to take part in competitions you will be required to obtain one.

What do I have to do to get a firearms license?
Contact the firearms registry in your state.

Can I shoot without a firearms license?
Yes, you can. You will need to contact a club (details on our website home page) and organise a time. You will be required to fill out a form, this will be permitted three times before you will be asked to become a member of a club.