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18/05/2020: The ACTA has released a COVID-19 Compliance Guidelines for Clubs. To download, please click here

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Governance Proposal

The Constitution Sub-Committee (“CSC”) has been working through how the Governance of the ACTA would operate under the new Constitution. As we have previously established, the purpose of this update is to keep you informed and to give you an opportunity to provide your initial feedback. We must stress that it is a general outline of our current thoughts. Nothing is set in stone and there is no doubt that there is still a significant amount of work that we need to do when it comes to drafting the document. If the feedback is positive, we will move on and once the new constitution has been drafted completely, you will be provided a copy so that you can review and write further. There will be a final period for you to provide your thoughts after the new constitution has been published on the ACTA website and well before we settle on the Constitution that will be put forward at the AGM.

What we want to put to you, are the key aspects of the new Governance proposal. We are not trying to provide the answer to every question in this short Clay Target e-News article, instead, we aim to highlight some of the main changes that we want you to consider. We would also like to hear your thoughts on the best way to vote for nominated board members.

Are we on the right track? What should we also think about? Is there anything that is completely wrong? Please send all formal correspondence to, Paul Gilbert, our Chief Executive Officer. Paul’s email is
We also encourage you to discuss any aspect of this update with the members of the CSC. We are all in agreement, proud of what we have put together and happy to answer any of your questions.

  To download a copy of this ACTA Governance Proposal, please click here.

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2020 National Championships Cancelled


Dear Members

Please be advised that at the recent ACTA Executive Committee Meeting, a motion was unanimously passed to Cancel all ACTA National Events for 2020.  This decision was made, primarily based on:

  • the need to protect all members health and safety, (especially given the current escalating situation in Victoria and possibly beyond),
  • Inability to predict the likely revisions to any State or Territory Health Department restrictions that may next occur,
  • the deadlines approaching to timeframes in which administrative tasks need to be performed in order to adequately deliver the events, and
  • the cost implications of attempting to stage events that will be severely under-subscribed.

We will provide a more detailed report in the August Clay Target e-News which will go out to our members next week.

Again thanks for your consideration & patience at this difficult time.


ACTA National Executive


January 2021 CTSN

On the cover: Eric Parletta, 2020 SA Men's ISSF Champion

Inside this month's edition

ACTA Report
2020 South Australian ISSF Titles
Remembrance Cup and Mules Family Memorial
What’s Happening in the VCTA
Port Augusta Birthday Shoot
Coaching News
Waratah News
Break Badges
Psychological Skills for Shooting
Competition Results: VIC, SA, NSW, QLD, TAS, WA
From Our Archives
ACTA State Rules Supervisors
ACTA State Handicappers
ACTA New Members
Shoot Calendar
2021 Registration and Club Membership Application

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