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 Year Event Location Team
 2020 n/a n/a --- No Competition Held ---

 2018 13th World DTL Championships
 25th - 27th March Wagga Wagga,
 NSW Australia
Open A National Ground James Willett, Stephen Atkins, Alex Dallas, Steven Trembath, Socrates Pilipasidis
Open B National Ground Tom Turner, Andrew Smith, Clive Foster, Matthew Patmore, Craig Bentley
Open C National Ground Jason Oliveri, Cameron Browne, Byron Hewitt, Richard Morrison, Roger Duthie
Ladies A National Ground Penny Smith, Laura Woolley, Tracey Barton
Ladies B National Ground Amanda Holt, Nanette McCallum, Helen Overton
Ladies C National Ground Leanne Brandt, Kelly Coogan, Sarah Holt
Junior A National Ground Thomas Armstrong, Nathan Burt, Mitchell Iles
Junior B National Ground Jackson Marriott, Harry Mintram, William Freni-Lizzi
Junior C National Ground William Baynes, James Hayden, Ben Tredrea
Veteran 55-65 A National Ground Allan Pollock, Tony Ryder, Arty Del-Ben
Veteran 55-65 B National Ground Frazer Roberts, Glen Castellaro, Daryl Stevens
Veteran 55-65 C National Ground Greg Kessegian, Daryl Hunt, Kim Nealon
Super Veteran A National Ground Gary Hayden, Max Medhurst, Fred Heinze
Super Veteran B National Ground Keith Calder, Colin Dunn, Keith Simpson
Super Veteran C National Ground Robert Andrews, Malcolm Stephens, Andrew Ataliotis
 2018 World Champions     World Champion National Ground Frazer Roberts
Junior National Ground Matthew Molan 890/900
Ladies National Ground  Brittany Sinclair 880/900
Veteran National Ground Glen Castellaro 889/900
Super Veteran National Ground  Gary Hayden 884/900
 2018 Australian Winners     Open National Ground  Team A 5926
Ladies National Ground Team A 1180
Junior National Ground  Team A 1187
Veteran National Ground  Team B 1178
Super Veteran  National Ground  Team A 1179

 2016 12th World DTL Championship
 21st - 23rd July Galway Ireland  
Open  Ireland Stephen Atkins, Andrew Brady, Phil Grainger, Darryn Nicholls, Matthew Schiller
Ladies Ireland Emma Cox, Tracey Barton, Laura Woolley,
Junior  Ireland  Thomas Armstrong, John Duryea, James Hayden
Veteran Ireland  Gary Hayden, Allan Pollock, Daryl Stevens
Super Veteran Ireland  Fred Heinze, Angelo Paonne, Rob Viney
 2016 World Champions    World Champion Ireland  Matthew Schiller
Ladies Ireland Laura Woolley (First 889), Tracey Barton (Second 887) 1186/1200
Junior Ireland Laura Woolley (Second 889) 1181/1200
Veteran Ireland Daryl Stevens (First 893) 1177/1200

 2014 11th World DTL Championships
 Waikato Clay Target Club,
 Hamilton New Zealand 
 Open New Zealand Geoff Aston, Stephen Atkins, George Barton, Ashley Bolwell, Bryan Manns  (Second)
 Ladies New Zealand  Amanda Holt, Zarah Powell, Kate Schiller (Second)
Junior New Zealand       John Duryea, Matthew Schiller, James Willett (Second)
Veteran         New Zealand        Gary Kelly, Max Medhurst, Rob Viney (Second)
 2014 World Champion Junior New Zealand James Willett

 2012 10th World DTL Championship
Open                     Wales                   Greg Coleman, Glen Hayden, Socrates Pilipasidis, Tony Ryder, John Sleightholme (Won)
Ladies Wales  Lisa Hawker, Tracey McDonnell, Brittany Sinclair
Junior Wales  Geoff Aston, John Duryea, Matthew Schiller
Veteran Wales  Mike Daden, Domingo Diaz, John Maxwell
 2012 World Champion Junior Wales  Matthew Schiller

 2010 9th World DTL Championship
 South Africa  
Open                South Africa       Ray Collinson, Marc Crimmins, Alex Dallas, Darryn Nicholls, Ross Walsh
Ladies South Africa  Helen Overton, Lisa Hawker, Laetisha Scanlan
Junior South Africa Jack Collicoat, Tom Holt, Anthony Nugent
Veteran South Africa  Geoff Faulkes, Ron Garth, Doug Thomas
 2010 World Champions  Open South Africa  Darryn Nicholls
Junior South Africa  Jack Collicoat

 2008 8th World DTL Championships
Open                  Ireland                    Alan Bebend, Glen Castellaro, Marc Crimmins, Stephen Heberman, Kevin Thompson
Ladies Ireland Tracey Barton, Iona McJames, Helen Overton
Junior Ireland  Glenn Barton, Tom Holt, Anthony Rullo
Veteran Ireland  Lars Bager, Domingo Diaz, Geoff Faulkes

 2006 7th World DTL Championship
 Wagga Wagga NSW Australia   
Open         National Ground Ray Collinson, Steve Haberman, Bryan Manns, Neill McWhirter, Dino Oliviero
Ladies National Ground  Suzy Balogh, Wendy Barton, Tammy Henshall
Junior                 National Ground Tom Holt, Nick Kirley, Darren McMichan
Veteran            National Ground Robert Andrews, Bill Iles, Garry Rootes

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Psychological Skills for Shooting
Maryborough Invades Ararat
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