Teams not appearing in alphabetical order are in qualifying order

2018 Tracey Barton, Penny Smith, Brittany Sinclair, Gabriella Ferteklis, Leanne Brandt.
2017 Laura Woolley, Jessica Harris, Nanette McCallum, Tracey Barton, Penny Smith.
2016 Emma Cox, Laura Woolley, Michelle Boase, Tracey Barton, Zarah Powell.
2015 Tracey Barton, Deserie Baynes, Amanda Holt, Zarah Powell, Laura Woolley.
2014 Deserie Baynes, Sandy Ellis, Lisa Hawker, Kate Schiller, Penny Smith.
2013 Kate Schiller, Amanda Holt, Amanda Finn, Jessica Price, Zarah Powell.
2012 Deserie Baynes, Tracey McDonnell, Lisa Hawker, Wendy Barton, Brittany Sinclair.
2011 Viv Moore, Penny Smith, Wendy Barton, Leah Costanzo, Rachel Fox.
2010 Renae Birgan, Deserie Baynes, Emma Cox, Brittany Sinclair, Meagan Boast.
2009 Helen Overton, Deserie Baynes, Wendy Barton, Lisa Hawker, Laetisha Scanlan.
2008 Helen Overton, Tracey Barton, Iona McJames, Emma Cox, Amanda Holt.
2007 Wendy Barton, Nanette McCallum, Lauren Duthie, Amanda Holt, Susanne Byrnes.
2006 Wendy Barton, Toni Henshall, Carol Betteridge, Nanette McCallum, Suzy Balogh.
2005 Leanne Brandt, Amanda Holt, Holly Wilson, Lyn Beelitz, Nanette McCallum.
2004 Holly Wilson, Lauryn Mark, Suzy Balogh, Iona McJames, Wendy Barton.
2003 Gaye Shale, L Jarvis, W Signorotto, Wendy Barton, Helen Gay.
2002 Deserie Baynes, Kathy Gault, Wendy Barton, Nanette McCallum, Stefanie Tigani.
2001 Wendy Barton, Kathy Gault, Nanette McCallum, Michelle Felmingham, Carol Zagor.
2000 Nanette McCallum, Carol Zagor, Wendy Barton, Karen Kennerson, Lyn Blake.
1999 Nanette McCallum, Diane Reeves, Kathy Gault, Helen Gay, Jann Gear.
1998 Kathy Gault, Rebecca Attard, Wendy Barton, Nanette McCallum, Suzanne Yates.
1997 Deserie Wakefield, Jann Gear, Nanette McCallum, Lisa Smith, Joanne Kerr.
1996 Susan Milroy, Susanne Byrnes, Nanette McCallum, Joanne Kerr, Jann Gear.
1995 Cheryl Arnol, Elaine Bennett, Carmel Carlon, Janene Kidd, Susan Pay.
1994 Deserie Huddleston, Diane Reeves, Carmel Carlon, Karen Kennerson, Vere Storch.
1993 Deserie Huddleston, Janene Kidd, Tracey Gray, Diarne Doyle, Carol Zagor.
1992 Deserie Huddleston, Tracey Gray, Iona McJames, Kathy Gault, Diarne Doyle.
1991 Lyn Gray, Iona McJames, Carol Zagor, Helen Wiese, Carmel Carlon.
1990 Pauline Clarke, Lorraine Lloyd, Nanette McCallum, Marilyn Dwight, Faye Burton.
1989 Faye Burton, Doreen Aylett, Suzy Balogh, Thelma Meadows, Jan Woodhatch.
1988 Joan Longmore, Carol Zagor, Val Hanson, Julie Wood, Kaye Rehbein.
1987 Thelma Meadows, Vicky Deeley, Faye Burton, Donna Pietzner, June Gawith.
1986 L Charles, Kaye Rehbein, Thelma Meadows, Doreen Aylett, Carmel Carlon.
1985 Vicky Deeley, Faye Taylor, June Roach, Margaret Slee, Thelma Meadows.
1984 Deserie Huddleston, Christine Wakefield, Vicky Deeley, Faye Taylor, Joan Longmore.
1983 Vicky Deeley, Thelma Meadows, Jenny Ey, Deserie Huddleston, Christine Wakefield.

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