Teams not appearing in alphabetical order are in qualifying order

2018 Keith Calder, Fred Heinze, Terry Rumble, Robert Viney, Eddie Bidese.
2017 Gary Hayden, Keith Calder, Allan Cooper, Keith Simpson, Fred Heinze. First year for age change and veteran became super veteran.
2016 Angelo Paonne, David Howe, Domingo Diaz, Fred Heinze, John Maxwell.
2015 Robert Andrews, Bradley Crowley, Colin Dunn, Gary Hayden, Max Medhurst.
2014 Graham Blaskett, Colin Dunn, John Maxwell, Max Medhurst, Robert Viney.
2013 Gary Hayden, Max Medhurst, Robert Viney, Gary Kelly, John Gemmill.
2012 Max Medhurst, Gary Rootes, Domingo Diaz, John Maxwell, Mike Daden.
2011 Geoff Faulkes, Peter Holmes, Bill Iles, Robert Andrews, Robert Viney.
2010 Geoff Faulkes, Peter Holmes, William Woodward, Domingo Diaz, Peter Fitzalan.
2009 Lars Bager, Geoff Faulkes, Ron Garth, Peter Holmes, Dough Thomas.
2008 Domingo Diaz, Geoff Faulkes, Angelo Paonne, Lars Bager, Neil Berry.
2007 Jeff Nash, Peter Fitzalan, Gary Rootes, Edward Toomey, John Murphy.
2006 Bill Iles, Robert Andrews, Gary Rootes, Geoff Bryant, Kevin Perkins.
2005 Robert Andrews, Jeff Nash, Jon Whittakers, Bryan Rafferty, Tim Catling.
2004 Peter Fitzalan, John Murphy, Kevin Heywood, Jeff Nash, Stan Collins.
2003 Tim Catling, Sergio Zotti, Robin Bailey, Jeff Nash, Andrew Stevenson.
2002 Tim Catling, Jeff Nash, Stan Collins, Alan Blease, Kevin Polst.
2001 Tim Catling, Stafford Smith, Wilson Ronald, Arthur Burgess, Alan Blease.
2000 Wilson Ronald, Kevin Heywood, Roy Holtfreter, C Ellis, B Stevens.
1999 Tim Catling, Barry Nassar, Bill Francis, Jack Headon, Sperry Marshall.
1998 Sperry Marshall, Banjo Patterson, Fred Foon, Roy Holtfreter, Allan Brown.
1997 Noel Nicholson, Merv Lyons, Fred Foon, Jack Headon, Bill Francis.
1996 Sperry Marshall, Barry Nassar, Fred Foon, Jack Headon, Merv Lyons.
1995 Barney Rooke, W Jennings, Kevin Mules, Merv Lyons, Jack Mathey.
1994 Barry Nassar, Ern Hawkins.
1993 Gordon Wakefield, Roy Holtfreter, Malcolm Fuller, Frank James, Ern Hawkins.
1992 Gordon Wakefield, Roy Holtfreter, Bill Francis, Frank James, J Hughes.
1991 Tup Pedersen, F Johns, E Lewis, Malcolm Fuller, P McBride. Badges Presented but no match was held. Refer to ctsn 1991.

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